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Kitchen backsplash with moving foundation

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We need to put new backsplash in our kitchen and are concerned about using tile because of our moving foundation ($10,000 later it is still moving).

Any ideas? We had wallpaper and tile and the wallpaper moved so much it wrinkled and tore and the tile has separated from the wall. We are open for suggestions.
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No joking

No, I am serious. We have lived in the house 29 years and are resigned to the movement. We have clay soil and it just moves back and forth with the wet springs and dry Texas summers. I just need to know what we can do to cover the backsplash that would be least affected by the movement. We used paneling in the den and all but the heavy duty stuff buckled. We had to put a steel post to hold up the middle of the cross beam because it was sagging. If we use tile, would the small glass bead tile work better than larger tile like the 4 in stuff we have now?
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