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Kilz vs Sherwin Williams Paint

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:huh: What's the general concensus on quality of paint between Kilz and Sherwin Williams. I have used both and really like the Kilz, it's smooth and thick. Will the appearance last as long with the Kilz paint.
Also, I have used the Behr paint and don't like it as well as the other two. Seems to run easily, thinner paint.
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Read above posted thread

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Great thread thanks for posting it.

I've only used Kilz (primer) and Behr (paint) and had the issues described in the thread where the cut in paint is dried before I could roll. I thought I had done something wrong. My next job will be BM or SW for sure.

I no longer buy big box store paint
I just bought Muralo paint for bathroom ceilings
Now I just need to get rid of the old paint
Dave, how does one get rid of old paint, other than paint over it?
KILZ 2 or 3 are easily the best for sealing and priming old, raw or dry-rotted exterior wood ... but it is NOT a paint.
Did exactly that 2 1/2 years ago on my sister's ancient old fence, severely dri-rotted.
It took me about 1/3rd of a gallon of the KILZ-2 ... and I finished it with the best-quality and longest-lasting exterior paint, a Sherwin Williams product (it cost twice as much but covered three times as much = also the cheapest).

Perhaps my post should be in another topic, but "INTERIOR" paint was never specified.

Old-timer's wisdom: "Do it right the first time ... or do it over and over again for all time."
... and I was an executive purchasing agent for the H. L. Hunt family and HUNT Petroleum for 20+ years,
and the Hunt family DID care greatly about how I spent their money.
I've only used Kilz (primer) and Behr (paint) and had the issues described in the thread where the cut in paint is dried before I could roll.
Kilz primer is not the same as paint. So if you're using primer, we'd need to know for what reason, and what else if anything could be used instead.

Some Behr paint works fine, some I have trouble with. But with basically all of today's paints, if you're a single painter, trying to roll wet cut in isn't happening. You have to apply the cut in so there is no ridges. It has to be feathered correctly because the roller isn't going to go over wet paint. This isn't really a brand issue.
From the other thread:

"Most painters I know like Benjamin Moore Paints...Its not cheap "

See, that right there is the problem with the way most people think about paints. Benjamin Moore paint is in fact cheap. It is also expensive. That paradox is because there is no such thing as Benjamin Moore paint.

Which is to say, there is no such thing as Benjamin Moore paint that is not something more specific.

If I said "most drivers I know like Chevrolet cars. They're not cheap, but they're worth it."

Does that make any sense? How about if I'm talking about a Corvette? How about if I'm talking about a Chevette?

Sherwin Williams makes one of the worst paints known to man. ProMar 700 makes Behr Premium Plus look like the best paint ever made. I don't recall what the worst Benjamin Moore paint is off the top of my head, but there is one.

So stop thinking in terms of brand and start thinking in terms of actual paint.
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Hopefully the paint dried after 14 years.
I thought it was interesting that the conversation is still relevant 14 years later.
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