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Hi and thanks in advance,

We are remodeling our laundry room and trying to lower all the H20 and and electrical behind the washer/dryer so we can tile the wall.

With that in mind, I have a an outlet behind the washer that is split and controlled by 2 breakers in the electrical panel.

I think this was due to first owner having a washer and electric dryer setup and wanting them on different runs and isolated if tripped a breaker.

I still need the outlet for the washer but the 2 hot lines come from both the top of outlet and the other from the bottom so If I lower the outlet, I do not have enough line from the top to reconnect.

Based on this, Can I just turn of power and remove the connection of the top part of the outlet from the panel in order to kill that run from the panel to top half of outlet?

Thank you!
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