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Kickstart or 5-2-1?

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This past week, I noticed that my incandescent bulbs will dim for a second, when the AC (Heat pump) starts. The heat pump was installed last fall and I don't ever remember this happening in the past ... Not even during the winter when it was heat pumping...

The easiest way I can think of to try and remedy this is with a hard or soft start kit. I'm not sure if one is better for my problem, but I know the hard start kit is less...

With that said, which hard start kit would you recommend ... The Kickstart or 521? Or might I be better off with a soft start kit? The HP is the Rheem 3.5 ton RP14.

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Soft starts and hard starts are completely opposite. Soft starts require a completely unloaded compressor or you'll cause damage.

I used the supco hard start kits. They are all similar.

It will probably still cause your lights to dim, but might be slightly less. TXVs in your system? You have any restart delays in the thermostat?

Thanks! Hard start kit it is...

Oh... yes, it'x a TXV.
TXV keeps the system from equalizing. This makes it harder for the compressor to start. The hard start would be recommended anyways. (by at least 3 separate manufacturers)

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