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Kenmore sxs Refrigerator still clicking

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Greetings. My Kenmore refrigerator began to make clicking noises three weeks ago after a power outage. I have replaced the relay twice with a new one. Replaced the cold control because it was going bad. Replaced the defrost board. Refrigerator is still clicking every 3-4 minutes, lights inside dim.

The model number is 106.51103.10. It is only four years old. Capacitor checks OK. The readings that I am getting from the compressor are from the two bottom prongs (8.5) from the common to the other prongs. (3.0) and (5.7). What should I do next? Is the compressor a goner? Thanks you.
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Sounds like the compressor windings are shorted causing it to kick the overload you can check with an ohmeter from the pins with respect to ground by touching a probe on each individual pin and the other on the compressor casing itself just scatch the paint off in a spot so you get the actual car I g and not the paint you should get no reading at all if you do compressor is shorted
If your getting 120v to the relay and your capacitor and relay are good the compressor should I would start by checking the wires that go into the relay from the small plug to ensure that the refrigerator is in fact sending 120v to the relay
If you have the 120v and your compressor is good the relay would be my guess you can take the relay off and give it a shake most times you can hear the glass inside rattling when there bad but not always
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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