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Kenmore sxs Refrigerator still clicking

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Greetings. My Kenmore refrigerator began to make clicking noises three weeks ago after a power outage. I have replaced the relay twice with a new one. Replaced the cold control because it was going bad. Replaced the defrost board. Refrigerator is still clicking every 3-4 minutes, lights inside dim.

The model number is 106.51103.10. It is only four years old. Capacitor checks OK. The readings that I am getting from the compressor are from the two bottom prongs (8.5) from the common to the other prongs. (3.0) and (5.7). What should I do next? Is the compressor a goner? Thanks you.
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Is the compressor running? If it's not I would unplug it. There seems to be a lot of trouble with the starting relays on those units. We just install the 3in1 relays but you have to buy one that will wire in the run capacitor as well. The 3 in1 starting relay give the compressor an extra boost to get it started. I am assuming this is not a linear compressor
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Well it's either a bad starting relay or a bad compressor.
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