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My Kenmore Icemaker has worked great for about 6 years, but lately(7-8 yrs old) I find no ice and open the flap to see where the ice dumps from for problems, and usually I find an ice cube lodged, or even just stuck to the unit but not allowing the door to close enough to recycle. It is the lodged ones that cause the biggest problem, I can't release them for fear of breaking one of the prongs. Once it is released however, it goes back to working fine a few days, then (usually when you were counting on the ice machine) it is hung up again and no ice. I had a repair man ask me if I was having any troubles with the icemaker about 5 years ago. I said no, works great. He said, YOU WILL, these always get the same problem, Sears knows about it, but no recalls or fixes so far. ANYONE ELSE have this or know a fix. :(Fritz1728
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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