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Kenmore ice machine- odd problems

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I have a Kenmore Ice machine. I just replaced it with brand new W10122502 ice machine...It has the 4 wire connector, white, green, black, tan.
I have 110 V at the connector (black) coming into the ice machine. Jumping out the V and L on the module does not get me water.
However, switching the harness connectors on the back of the fridge indicates the valve IS good.
This is tricky as the brown/white 'water' connector goes onto blades that are narrower than the tan/white 'ice machine' connector. I simply held the 'water' connector Onto the Ice machine valve while the wife hit the water dispenser in the door.
Voila, I felt it open, heard the water. A quick check in the freezer revealed a nice mess (since the ice machine is hanging on the shelf at this point)

So now where do I go? The ice machine is assumed good since it is Brand New, the valve is apparently good also....Is there a fusible link INSIDE the fridge somewhere???
This is not working out as 'simple' as alot of DIY sites have made it sound.

Have I missed something so basic??
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Well I left the meter at work. BUT the other day I DID have the 110 at the black lead. And now jumping black to tan on the connector coming into the freezer still gets me no water at the ice machine.
SO I am going to operate on the assumption that there is a break in the tan line somewhere, since the white is jumped to both valves in the back....And the ice machine is unplugged and removed from the equation.

Anyone know if there is an accessible fusible link in that line?

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