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Kenmore fridge buzzing

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I bought a kenmore bottom freezer fridge just over a year ago and it's out of warranty. It started buzzing (down the bottom back) every few hours for about ten seconds at a time. This went on for a week or two and then it died.

We had a repair person come and they said it should have been on a dedicated circuit and because it wasn't, it broke the invertor. He ordered the invertor and we replaced it ourselves along with getting a dedicated circuit installed.

Two days later it's buzzing again but it hasn't gone warm like last time. Any idea what might be going on?

Thank you so much for any suggestions!
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Thank you. I bought it from Sears and they were the ones who came out and diagnosed it as a bad inverter. So we spent 300 for an electrician, 95 for the diagnostic and 215 for the new invertor. I didn't want to pay an extra 150 to install it so I did it myself and it's working... I'm just worried it will stop again. Sears told me is a one year warranty. No mention of the compressor needing replacement or being covered...?
I'm worried if I call them and tell them to come back they'll continue to charge me. Plus I booked it online through a 25 percent off coupon and they didn't honor it because my husband never mentioned it to the repair guy. It's so ridiculous. I've called and talked to supervisors... Nothing
Thanks, I'm hopeful it's not the compressor... I would think the repairman would have been able to tell when he came the first time (one would think) If anyone has any ideas on what I might test??
Just an update for anyone who might be interested. Sears came back and found that the ice maker was on apparently (I don't use it, it's not hooked up to water) that's what was making the noise. They also agreed to refund me 25 percent when I showed them the coupon online. Happy ending!
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