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Happy New Year!

I have an old Kenmore Electric Stove

Model 911-93451590

AC 3 Wire

KW B.7
120/220v 60hz

My questions are:

What gauge electrical wire for wiring to the breaker box? 10-3? 8-3?
How many amp breaker? 40amp? 50amp?

Thank you kindly for your time.

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Here's the full scoop you should consider.

That range is probably rated at 120/240 11600 watts (check spec plate) which will mean it can pull 48 1/3 amps with all loads running on a big holiday cook off.

Assuming it has 75° C. power lug ratings, and further assuming that the local code allows using the 75° C. rating for conductors under 100 amps, then you should use #8 thhn wire and a 2-pole 50 amp breaker.

If local code restricts you to the 60° C. ratings, you will need #6 wire. There are localities (San Diego for example) that have that code restriction and it's always a good idea to check up front. It's always embarrassing when the inspector asked to see the lug temperature rating specs, either stamped on the lugs or in the spec. plate on the device (also applies to the circuit breaker lugs).

If in conduit, run two black wires, 1 white wire, and a #10 green unless using metal conduit. If running Romex cable, either 8/3 or 6/3 w/gr. depending on the local code as above.

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