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Hello everyone,

My wife and I just purchased a piece of land in the Central Florida area and are looking to build a modern home within 2 years or less. I found this forum and very excited to learn about the building process to better understand what goes on when it comes time to build.

We already got the plan in mind. I've been playing around with Chief Architect and came up with a plan that we like. I understand that it will still need to be engineered and architect stamped, but it will give builders an idea of what we like. It's about

2300sqft, 2 stories
1700sqft 1st floor- 1masterbed+masterbath, 1office+bath, kitchen, dining, living/family, laundry
600sqft 2nd floor - 2beds, 1bath, 1 upstair 140sqft deck outside of one bedroom
2 car garage with circular driveway
minimal to none exterior trimming, moldings, finishes
minimal to none interior trimming, moldings, finishes
lots of windows, and glass doors/walls.
wood floors throughout except in kitchen and baths, laundry
standard landscaping

How much does it cost to build something like this?
If you can recommend us a builder in the area, that would be great! If you are a builder and would like to bid a proposal, feel free to send me a message and I will provide my contact info.

Looking forward to all the lessons learned on here.


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Welcome to the forum! Prices vary locally as you know.... We can help you build it!


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"Central Florida" encompasses a rather large parcel of land. You can find some very good contractors local to you in a variety of ways. One way is to check out our sister site, And I really would suggest getting someone very local. That way you can go physically view homes they've previously built... not to mention having them nearby to easily begin to develop a relationship with them.
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