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Hows it going everyone? I have been surfing the boards here for quite a long time but recently decided to join the community. I am not a fan of joining boards only to ask questions, I guaruntee that if you read enough, you will find the answer pretty much anywhere.

Now that I have some knowledge to share, I would love to pass on what I can.

I am a web developer (not designer, I hate designing). I developing in most languages including: html5, css3, javascript, sql, php etc.

I troubleshoot and repair all electronics. Both hardware and software.

And... well... I know some things when it comes to electronics and programming.

Feel free to give me a shoutout if you need help and I will try my best to toss a decent amount of knowledge your way.

Hello again to everyone and I hope to meet you on a thread or two.


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Welcome to the forums! Glad you found us.

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