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On my 3rd hole, I see two metal sheets, x shaped, staring back at me. From searching done on google 3 hours since, they are Joist bridging metal sheets.

So I am posting to ask if I can just remove them(cut them out) and install the light or will I have to suck it up and tell the Mrs. that I messed up big time and our family room will not be ready for in-laws coming in for the new year.

(Atleast they will have something new to fault me for I guess)

They hole with the bridge is middle of the room
The house is built in 1996. The ceiling is regular dry wall one.

It is on ceiling and there si a room above it. The length of the room(the joist length I guess as well) is 14 feet(when I measures from wall to wall)

Any help is very much appreciated
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