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Joist attachment

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My 20x24 2-story house is coming along. To make the ground floor one big room, I bought a 20’ Glulam beam and want to use 2x12”x12’ joists for the second floor. In order to elevate the beam with max headspace, I want to attach the 2x12’s to the side of the beam rather than resting them on top. What’s the best way to attach them to the beam 16” OC?

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You can raise the entire joist section by the height of the beam. If nothing will be showing, then you can toe nail the joists, you may use joist hangers in a few different configurations. You may also secure another joist to the bottom side so the joists have a resting place. This will create half of an I beam.

What does the architect/engineer say? They have the final word on this. You really should not be asking this type of question on here. We cannot say exactly. This should already be on the drawings/blueprint.
Usually you would just use hangers that are made for the size of the floor joists.
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