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joint tape

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I've got a roll of "fiberglas" (at least I THINK it's made of that )joint tape that I got at HD. unlike regular paper joint tape, one side is sticky. does that mean it should be stuck to the joint first THEN mud applied?

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Go on almost any drywall site and there is at least one tread going on the debate of paper vs mesh tape. I favor paper so keep that in mind. I think the one thing you can do to help with the idea of mesh being more prone to cracking (I think it is ) is to use hot mud (setting type over drying type) for at least your first coat, preferably the first 2 coats, then all purpose for the third coat. The setting type mud can be found at the box store in white bags and they will say 20min,40min, or 90min this is the approx. time it takes it to dry. There are some rules for mixing this kind of mud, if you decide to go this way come back and we will go over them.
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