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Join new crawl space addition to full basement CMU wall

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Found a similar thread with same issue I am facing from years ago but there were no answers there so hopefully someone here can assist.

In my case (also in NJ) the home is 50 years old with a full basement and CMU walls.

About 20 years ago the previous owners bumped out the dining room with a crawl space addition. Now I am looking to add on to the kitchen which would bring the new addition (16x8) in line with the previous bump-out.

My thought for the footing was to drill two holes into the previous bump out footing and use two #4 rebar 10 inches deep and extend it to the new footer by at least 10 inches and epoxy.

How do I tie the other end into the original basement wall that footer would be much deeper. Do I drill into the CMU blocks and add rebar?


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