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Have a Yellow jacket which works good. My junior guys love to buy all the fancy digital gauges to "talk the talk", ya ya. Then some dude puts leak lock in a schraeder valve and they shut up after it "recalibrates" their new toys. KISS, keep it simple stupid is my motto.

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Well, the spec's say it's NIST Traceable; maybe you could compare the recommended calibration interval for this meter with that of other meters.
Longer interval = better quality? = less cost of ownership.

And, longer battery life is probably an indication of better design. If they won't say what the battery life is, just ask for the current draw. A 9v alkaline might give you 400 mAh [40 mA for 10 hours or ~100 mA for 4 hours].

If accuracy is important, plot an Excel graph of price (X-axis) and accuracy (Y-axis) for several comparable meters. You can pull this info off the Internet in an hour or so. The meters that have very high or very low price/performance ratios will stick out like a sore thumbs.
In this graph, the processor at $1000 in the upper left does not seem like a good buy.
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