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Jarrah and Ipey magic boxes!

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I keep busy when not working on the house still. Here are three new boxes I made from recycled Brazilian Walnut (Ipey) and Australian Jarrah.



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Nice ,I like the color of the second and third boxes--Jarrah?

Nice tight seams,too.---I'm not familiar with Jarrah looks nice---Mike---
The first one is the Jarrah, (with cameo) the second and third are the Ipey.
Both are very dense, heavy wood.

Ipey is also used for decks---Looks good as a furniture wood too.
....and the scraps from my back porch don't look too bad as magic boxes! :laughing:

again DM your imagination and craftsmanship know no bounds:thumbup:
Wow! Crazy good!

I used the leftover scraps from my deck for much less creative things.
Very nice work.
SHOPPING HINT: If any of you go looking for Ipe at your lumber store, you'll sound cool and professional if you pronounce it "E-pay". (Like E-Bay) :thumbsup:

I learned this years ago by being laughed at for pronouncing it like "HYPE" with an I.
.....and I always called it 'eye-pay'... lol

"Brazilian Walnut" works too..... :laughing:

By the way..... these boxes ARE for sale if anyone is interested.

(3 cats box is gone)

And..... yes! They ARE my trick boxes, locked tight, and will only open if you know the secret.

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I'm sure your are trickier to open than my humble attempts----Only took a 14 year old 5 minutes to puzzle out my last attempt. And I thought it was good.---
I'd love to try one that you made, Mike. I have a new lock design too.
(see link in my signature) Style 14 rocks!

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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