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From some research, I think these are medium size bush. Not a tree. The highest branch now is about 10-12'. I pruned some rubbing branches. I am thinking of moving them to front to block the street traffic but I read that older shrubs are vulnerable to cutting off the roots. I have a row of them and am willing to sacrifice some. So thinking of digging around the choices at least 18", leaving about 36" root ball.

Is this about the best I can do? Also what is the life span of yew shrub? I found one info that tree life span can be long but no info about the shrub.
But you can see that there seems to be 2 main trunks in the image. I would be willing to sacrifice either one so the root ball can be bigger.

Attached image is off the internet. But I think similar in size to mine. My shrubs are more crowded. Pruned ones are the other side of the property.


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