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Your situation is not that uncommon. Before going to a lot of trouble to jack up floor joists, which is never a simple job, you should determine a few things.

1. Are the joists adequately sized for the spacing? If not, you can jack them up, but they will sag again over time.

2. If the joists are adequately sized, they may already have achieved a stable configuration, and it may be unnecessary to jack them up. Perhaps all you need to do is to level the surface by shimming or use of levelling compound.

3. I don't understand what you mean by "pouring a form". A form is used to allow controlled placement of concrete. You don't pour a form, you place concrete in a form. But in this case, why are you doing it at all? Is it to support the jacks? Or to support the joists after they are jacked into position? The use of jacks is generally a temporary measure to get your joists back to level, as long as the jack is adequately supported during the jacking operation, the long term stability of the jack support is not important, since you will be removing the jack anyway. Of course, if you are planning to install a permanent support (i.e. a lally column) after jacking the joist, that is a different matter, then you would need an adequate, permanent column support.
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