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Jack studs not nailed to header

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I replaced a couple of jack studs and noticed there were no nails connecting the jacks to the header. They just face nailed the king stud to the header. The king and jacks were all face nailed together. Is this normal? What is the proper way to fasten the header to the jacks. I would assume it would be toe nailed at each jack.
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thats it, just a few toe nails

that wouldve failed an inspection
Here in Florida some inspectors and architects require a flat strap that goes from the header across the jack and king studs tying them all together. I think that is a bit of overkill, at least in a remodel, since the rest of the house was done to older codes, but I was once required to do that for a slider install. Not just that, but I had to tie all the jacks and kings together at the base with 5/8" bolts connecting to a heavy duty "L" brace that was then attached through the floor to the bottom of the 14" rim joist that ran 2 feet under the house with threaded rod and base plates. I imagined that if a hurricane ever destroyed that house that all else would be gone, but the door would still be standing there in the middle of the debris.
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