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Today, I had to transfer the load off my floor jack to my jack stand. I have a 2015 Kia Sorento AWD which only has the pinch welds marked as jacking points.

I ended up transfering the load where the lower control are meets the frame (right between my fingers in the picture). The jack stands weren't wide enough to support that whole area.

Any issues with doing that?


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Place a plate or 2X? between your stand and the body of the car to distribute the weight out over a larger area, this will prevent damage to the suspension, or the floor pan.

Those thin arms are not designed for much weight on them, or even impact from road debris.

I hope that you did not damage it.


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I'm not the engineer who designed your Kia, or the engineer who even came up with the ideas of marking jacking points. But I've jacked up plenty of cars, with floor jacks, bumper jacks, single post, twin post and side post lifts. My understanding is that the jacking points are there for the layman who's jacking the car up with the supplied emergency jack, to change a tire. There are plenty of places under a car to lift it. Front and rear subframes, rear axles, leaf spring mounts, etc. As long as you didn't lift on the floor pan, oil pan, exhaust or something else that will bend, you are fine.
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