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It's The Simple Things

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After 12 years and numerous mods, the plumbing in my house is nothing like it was 60 years ago when it was built.

Last summer while under the 'existing' house crawl space, I noticed what looked like the tale tale sign of driping water under the shower/bath pipes. I had my wife turn on the tub drip....ok, turn on the shower....slight drip...damn.....something else to fix.

Well...since the drip was small and not hitting any wood, it got pushed back on the priorty level. Especially considering the fact that I was looking at riping a big hole in the drywall of one of the closets to get to the plumbing.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Started thinking....'Ya know, I don't think the pipe for the bath fill is all that tight. If I recall, I think I remember that pipe stub being a bit short'.

So....prefering the easy fix of the 'hard' fix, I pulled off the tub fill spout....not a whole lot of thread keeping it on....

Threaded up a new SS 1/2" pipe about 1/2" longer....put it back on....yea, this feels better...I'm feeling the pipe get tight before the spout bottoms out against the tile.

Fast forward to last week. Under the existing house and the spot under the shower/tub is dry.

Looks like I fixed it....without having to open up a wall.

So often the solution is the simple stuff....
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