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Captain Kirk's Chair

Scuba, I just saw the new Star Trek movie this week (it's Great). I paid particular attention to the the Command Chair which looks much sleeker in the movie than the original Captain Kirk's Chair on the Original Star Trek TV Series 1966-1969

In 2001 after my wife had suddenly died, I was commiserating with a woman whose husband had also suddenly died, when she told me the story of the Chair.

Her husband was the Safety Officer on the 1966-1969 Star Trek Set. When the series was canceled (studio politics), the set was torn down and thrown into dumpsters. He found out about it from a friend on the Set and dug out from the dumpster Captain Kirk's Chair and as many colored plastic placards from the control panels (some broken) that he could find.

He took them home and put the cardboard box of plastic pieces up in the garage rafters then put the Captains Chair in the Living room where it served for the next twenty years as a unique conversation piece.

A few months after he died suddenly at the end of 2000, his wife saw an announcement that there was going to be an auction of Star Trek memorabilia. Thinking of it as a glorified garage sale where she might get up to a thousand dollars from some Trekkie she contacted the auction house only to be told that she was the third person that day to report that They had the Captain's Chair.

A few weeks later a white gloved forensic team came to her house to examine the evidence.One person on the team was the original set designer. Also on the team were two investigators that seemed to be trying to mess her up with names and dates. She felt that the next thing they were going to do was put her in a Police Lineup.

Two weeks later they called and said she had passed the audit. With all the hub dub on the first visit she had forgotten about the cardboard box in the garage, so she called back and the next week the team returned and started over with all the physical and verbal examination.

The bottom line is that the Chair went for 300K while the junk colored plastic went for 30K, (the pieces were sold individually)

Note: the Chair was built in Canton Ohio as part of a standard line of futuristic chairs. The chair was most likely bought in a West LA furniture store then then modified with the wide wings to hold the buttons and lights. No fine furniture craftsmanship here, it was built as a studio prop that's why the studio had no compunction about throwing it in the dumpster.


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