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It's Google's fault...

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My Google "DIY" searches kept sending me here and so far it hasn't let me down. I even installed the iPad app.

My wife and I are closing on our first home and I'm preparing for all the work that I need to do after we move. I've been renting for too long and will finally have a chance to go beyond assembling Ikea furniture. I grew up in Africa in the '70s and picked up most of my knowledge/skills from my dad, especially respect and care of his Craftsman tools. Our new home was built in '54 so there are a number of things I need to make sure are current or upgraded and this forum is a valuable resource.

Alfredo B.
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1954---Those houses have 'Good Bones'---In those days real skilled carpenters were needed to build a house--and the materials were very good----

You will be welcome here---post away and have fun! Congrats on the new house.---Mike---
Welcome to the site !

My house was also built in the 50's
I've updated most of the electrical, windows, doors & insulation :thumbsup:
Thanks for the warm welcome gentlemen. The list of things I need and want to fix just keep growing, including electrical and doors. The main priority at this point is a shower stall that was renovated by the previous owner that is leaking; I'm having a contractor take care of that but will still rely on the forum for information about it.

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