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Isuhunter's Basement Remodel Thread

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Hi everyone!

My wife and I are going to remodel our basement and are starting to look for ideas/designs. My plan is to get some rough sketching done and then ask for your guys suggestions, concerns, comments.

Some general info. Our house was built in 1979 and part of the basement is finished (but needs to TLC & updating). The other half is unfinished (our laundry is located here.


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Here are some pictures.

Questions for everyone:
1. Any good & free room layout programs out there?
2. Fire place -- high efficiency gas, gas log set, or keep wood burning?
3. Would you keep the 2 doors (slide & walkout) or get rid of one?
4. In the unfinished area would you make laundry and 3/4 bath same room or two different rooms?
5. Would you open the stairs to the ceiling to make it feel larger?
6. Wet bar in family room -- YES or NO -- Do people actually use them?

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I put in a small but full kitchen downstairs regrets great for entertaining.
If you go with 2x2 ceiling tiles with some nicer tiles you will by amazed at the difference.
A couple of ceiling fans can go a long way towards comfort.
I went with a generous amount of canned lighting also with multiple switches and some on dimmers.
Separate room for the bath ...make it look just like the main level.
Keep the slider chuck the other.
Can't beat the convenience of a gas fireplace ...I've burned enough wood in decades past to know I'm tired of the mess ect.
Have fun ..all it takes is time and money . Ha ! 5yrs of my spare time and change.
Any concerns about being able to get large furniture or appliances out of a slider?
Well here are some updates as we are finally starting on the project:

Twin breaker installed more to come

Tile from HELL - I need to get a scraper for the thinset for the SDS max hammer drill

Brain fart

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You got a little helper!
Yes yes I do! He can be really helpful if he grabs the right tool. But he thinks he can do anything Dad and Grandpa do.
I was able to do some more work over the weekend. Now I'm waiting on a plumber to work on this plugged drain. I was able to reach down there and pull out flakes of rust. This is where we plan to put our shower.

I was able to get some of the thinset up with this scraper.

Now we are waiting to hear from the contractor and plumber. When they are ready I'll cut power and water to the sink, dryer, and washer.

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Depending on if you have a laundry upstairs and what is directly above your laundry room you may be able to put in a laundry chute.
We've been busy!

No jack stud when we took door out

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Well we have been busy inside. Drywallers will be here in 2 weeks.
We're in the same spot of our basement remodel. The current laundry taps are on the outside and are going to be recessed as yours are. Is the drain for the taps or is that for the washer drain pipe?
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