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ISO good green grout sealer

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I'm looking for recommendations for a green grout sealer.

The application: tile grout on walls and floor in bathroom and kitchen.

By 'green' I do not mean 'will biodegrade over time', of course. What I mean by 'green' is a sealer that can be applied under less than perfect ventilated conditions without giving off dangerous fumes during application.

By googling, I've found AFM Safecoat and other green brands, but I can find little by way of user reviews.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
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I understand the purpose of grout sealer.

The tile and grout were recently installed (about one month ago) and sealed using a traditional sealer.

My query, above, is for the purpose of finding a green sealer for the future, when I need to reseal the grout.

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