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ISO good green grout sealer

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I'm looking for recommendations for a green grout sealer.

The application: tile grout on walls and floor in bathroom and kitchen.

By 'green' I do not mean 'will biodegrade over time', of course. What I mean by 'green' is a sealer that can be applied under less than perfect ventilated conditions without giving off dangerous fumes during application.

By googling, I've found AFM Safecoat and other green brands, but I can find little by way of user reviews.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
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Never used it but what I can say IMO is a lot of people misunderstand the purpose of sealing grout. no grout sealer prevents water from passing through if your grout is cracking or will down the road for what ever reason sealing will not stop it. what it does do is keep dirt and yucky stuff out.

Q: have you sealed that grout before? How old is the grout? Some of the new stuff on old stuff doesnt work well...imo
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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