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Hi -- Looking for an electrician either licensed in BC or thoroughly familiar with BC electrical code and local customs.

I'm planning to do electrical work on a homeowner permit (I am not a licensed electrician) and would like to be able to run plans/questions through a pro for feedback/answers. This is for a new build, rural location, with power shed, pump shed, main house. Currently working on main service entrance at shed.

All to be done via email/messaging at your convenience, no tight deadlines, fairly simple stuff for a pro, I assume.

Happy to pay for your time/effort/knowledge/experience, obviously.

Please msg if you are willing to do this and what condition$ you'd expect.

PS I have previous experience so you won't be getting questions like "how do i install a 3-way switch w/dimmer" but more like "If a 200A service requires a 30-circuit panel minimum per code, does that apply at my shed main panel where I'll only need one circuit for the shed for 2 for sub-panels?"
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