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Is this wiring plan up to code?

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In my mobile home there are seven light fixtures. Since i dont want to tear out the ceilings, we are using all wall-mounted lights, one in each bedroom and bathroom, one in the hall, and three in the living room and kitchen space. These two rooms are together, divided by a bar.

Can i run all of these lights on 14-2 wire, and put one kitchen, the living room, and the hall light on one circuit and the other kitchen, both bedrooms and the bathroom lights on a second circuit? they would be connected to 15 amp breakers. Two switches (bedrooms) are dimmer switches and the others are normal switches. The hall light will not be attached to a switch, it is a turn-knob light. Is it up to code to jump from switch to switch like that?

Not worried about local codes, just the NEC code.
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Anybody out there today?
You could probably put all of that on one breaker. Since bedrooms and living room are involved you need AFCI for those areas. So if you want to break it up put hose areas on one AFCI and the rest on another circuit.
i have to break it up to keep from using tons of wire. i have to do the front wall of the trailer, which includes the bedrooms and bathroom on one circuit and the back wall, which includes the kitchen and living room, on another circuit. The only options i have to put them on the same breaker is to either run the wire all the way around the kitchen, which would use tons of wire, or run them across the ceiling, which means i would have to tear the ceiling down. I would much rather not spend that kind of money right now, the ceiling is in pristine condition.I know about the AFCI breaker for bedrooms, thats actually the only reason im putting dimmer switches in the bedrooms is because its supposedly required.
Dimmers are never required.
nice time to find that out. After i spent $30 on two light switches. LOL oh well, lessons learned, money spent.
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