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Is this window seat structurally sound?

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Hey there, I'm in the process of building a window seat and have included a 'blueprint' of a top down perspective (i.e. looking down at the top of the seat). I'm not going to build a box but will simply use studs to frame the seat.

The blue studs in the sketch will be the "legs" and will be installed vertically. The yellow studs will lie horizontally across the top of the blue studs.

The dotted line represents the lid cut out. I'll use a piano hinge to open and close the lid.

The lid itself will be supported on the sides by part of the 2 x 6 stud and at the front by the "face" of the window seat which is a 3/4 inch oak plywood. There really no support under the piano hinge.

Is this setup fine, or do I need to add more support?

Thank for your help.


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I have spax screws and would be screwing the studs into each other.
It all depends on how you plan to attach things together....nails? screws? glue? and like a bridge, it is difficult to know how stable something would be just looking at the top.

Personally, I would build a proper "cabinet box" and then slide that bad boy in there. What you are proposing, assuming you are going to properly fasten the studs to other studs within the wall, should work fine. I am a fan of, and exclusively use for woodworking, spax screws. My only concern would be the 31" span in the back of relying strictly on a "piano hinge." I would think about ways to give that guy some support - whether it be another stud in the back with an overlap, some type of cleat, boards underneath to add some stiffness or some combination.

I may move the top center 2 x 3 stud off the wall so that it's right below the piano hinge with the cutout lie bisecting the stud in half. That should do the trick, right?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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