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Is this window seat structurally sound?

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Hey there, I'm in the process of building a window seat and have included a 'blueprint' of a top down perspective (i.e. looking down at the top of the seat). I'm not going to build a box but will simply use studs to frame the seat.

The blue studs in the sketch will be the "legs" and will be installed vertically. The yellow studs will lie horizontally across the top of the blue studs.

The dotted line represents the lid cut out. I'll use a piano hinge to open and close the lid.

The lid itself will be supported on the sides by part of the 2 x 6 stud and at the front by the "face" of the window seat which is a 3/4 inch oak plywood. There really no support under the piano hinge.

Is this setup fine, or do I need to add more support?

Thank for your help.


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I'd install dimensional lumber nailers on all 3 sides like a ledger board - screwed to the wall studs.
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