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I have a Japanese Maple that I replanted a few years ago and lived and grew, but this past year I think it got too much water and looked like it died because the leaves shriveled and never really fell all the way off. I have 2 other Japanese Maples and one that I replanted in the fall that have leaves already, but this one only has a few little leaves growing at the base, but no buds on the branches and it looks like the trunk is cracked. Any idea if this tree is alive? Thanks


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The [branches] do have flexibility. I have no idea what happened to it. I was thinking that it was just natural from the tree growing.
Patience then.

The Japanese Maples I had in California were very a different variety, much smaller and delicate. They never dropped their leaves until the new ones formed.

That trunk split still worries me. Keep an eye on it and wrap or fill it if it starts attracting insects or doing strange things.
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