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is this impossible, possible ?

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I know this is quite a stretch. But if it were possible to construct a bathroom, what are your opinions on where to start. What are we looking at for plumbing. Can I Fit a pedestal sink, toilet and walk in shower? What would it take for me to construct a shower where the toilet is (plumbing-wise)

Basically we are looking at a very small bathroom. The dimension is7ft x 3ft.
Behind the main wall is the garage. Behind the toilet there is a stair case. Where the sink is, there is about 4 extra feet of nothing behind it is just a wall with shelves. This would change the dimensions to be 12x3 if I were to knock out the sink wall and extend it an extra 4 feet (Still very small).

any advice about this being possible and where I would go about the plumbing will be greatly appreciated
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Smallest space I have used for a three pc bathroom was 5 ft by around 7 ft.
Yours would need an outswing door, for certain, and there would be not enough room to sit on the toilet or stand in front of the sink, in my opinion.
I saw pictures of toilet/shower combo spaces, but I don't know if that is allowed in usa. A foot diameter stainless salad bowl may be converted into a sink.:smile: If allowed, anything is possible.
The only possible layout would be to have a toilet at one end, facing the long space, obviously. The shower would have to be at the opposite end. The sink would be in the middle, opposite the door, which would have to be a pocket door or an outswing door. Small, shallow lavs that don't protrude too far into the room are available online. Also at IKEA, if you are near one of their retail stores. You would have to expand from 7' to 8 or 9 feet. Lay that out on the floor with tape or something and see what you think.
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