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I did not run the numbers. I could if you like. At first glance, I would say, no, you do not have enough venting. I seldom ever put ridge vent on a hip roof. In most cases the ridge lines are too short. In your case, it's border line by eye ball. Again i did not run the numbers. I could also run the numbers on the intake, but damn I am tired, I woke up at 4:30 am, however also at first glance I would say the intake is inadequate. When you have 2" intake I usually want to see it continuous on all sides. Your intake obviously starts and stops.

While the goal is to keep the attic as close to the outside temprature as possible, I have never been in an attic that wasn't warmer than the outside. Even with exceptional ventilation you should expect the attic to be a little warmer than outside.

You may look into better attic insulation. As well, a friend of mine just installed radiant barrier and promised to keep me posted ont he results but expects his attic temprature to drop signifigantly.

If you do install power vents you will need more than one, and should remove the ridge vents. Either way I would highly highly recommend continuous intake all around the drip overhangs.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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