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No glue, just push it in??

Any reason not to use this? Its a new installation and its currently roughed just to the closet bend. I need to add a 4" pipe straight up through the floor and then a closet flange... I don't want to use this if it's not ideal, but it seams much easier and seams like it would be fail proof in lining up.

Also, the floor is finished so I'll have to drill into the tile. Should I use all the holes on the flange, or just say, 4 of them?

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I wouldn't use it. If it is new construction get a flange that you glue on.

For existing flanges that hard to get to Home depot has a flange that inserts into the pipe and has bolts you tighten to expand the rubber seal. I have used them a couple of times..there OK

The problem I see with this flange is how the connection is ridgid and won't leak or fail.
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