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Is this Cherry or Maple?

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Hey, so I'm new to this forum and thought I'd break the ice with an easy question. Until recently i thought my 20 year old cabinets were made of maple. However, now I'm leaning towards cherry, any thoughts? I attached some random photos of the veneer and some solid trim, Thanks Mike W


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Certainly looks like cherry. I built some maple cabinets, maple is lighter, and the grain is not as pronounced.
definitely cherry but it could be birch or even poplar stained to look like cherry, they all have the same grain pattern

ive used birch in the past stained with cherry stain and even guys who have worked with cherry didnt notice the difference
Thanks guys,

Thanks guys, I know the cabinets are over 20 years old and were stained with Minwax# 235 Cherry. I thought about painting over them but it seems a shame to cover up nice grain.
I'm thinking birch, because of the grain patterns. Ash has a very similiar grain patterm, but has much more "open" pores than seems to be visible. I would put money against the suggestion of poplar. I don't believe cherry because it seems to have too much grain, and 20 something year old cherry would be much darker by now IMO.
I Think Birch, due to age and lack of raised panel. Pretty standard in tract houses back in the day.
the grain in ash is nothing like cherry. ash has the same grain pattern as white oak
I posted the same question on another forum and the general consenses is red Birch panels alder frames, also old Nutone birch cabinets. a positive I.D is harder than i thought. But i can't disagree with Birch, although, I was hoping for Cherry. Thanks, Mike W:thumbup:
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the other thing too with cherry is that it gets darker as it ages. errr. i mean the tone of it gets deeper, its why its so popular
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