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is this a skip trowel texture? (picture) i need to recreate it

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i has to remove a part of my cathedral ceiling (bottom part of picture is new drywall) to add a french door and i have this texture all over the ceiling. how can i go about recreating it? i was just going to "wing" it with a trowel and try to get something close. also, can this texture be repainted?
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Looks more like some DIY just winged it.
roll a watered down joint compound over the new area, take a four inch paint brush creating stroke marks...make it busy. let it sit for a few minutes, time is important. after sitting for a little bit, test a spot with a 8" drywall knife..a short plastic handled knife...not a long wooden handled knife for this.
press a very very very slight arch into one side of the knife...this helps eliminate edges
time to float over the top of the still wet and waiting ceiling
the pattern in the picture was done exactly in this fashion, good luck
it could have been a trowel...same concept
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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