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I will try my best to explain what I am dealing with.

Our toilets in both bathrooms are very close to the tubs. I am 5'5 and its annoying to me and don't ask what the DH thinks :laughing:

As we have to redo everything anyway I figure its time to deal with the knee knocking the tub issue.

We have two options.

1- Move the toilets, we would move them along the current drain line... ie the drain line goes down a bit and then decends at an angle horizontally for a few more feet. We would be moving them closer to the end drain point (shortening the horizontal section of the drain) as opposed to moving them in the opposite direction (lengthening the drain) - hope that make sense.


2 - Is there something that you can put on the drain that will allow you to offset the fixture by a few inches??

I'm hoping number 2 is an option and that I wont have to sell the kid into slavery to pay for option one.

Thanks in advance

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There are off set flanges available---most plumbers avoid using them as they could cause the toilet to flush a bit slower---

You didn't mention what your drains are made of---moving a drain might not be as much work as you think---post a picture of your drain pipes and the location that would be ideal---someone will let you know if moving it is simple or complicated.

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I would agree with above, however it usually depends on what the plumbing looks like currently, and what materials they are made of.

I wouldn't use an offset flange if I could help it.

Also, the layout of the bathroom may make a difference on whether or not you even have any room to move it.
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