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Is there something wrong here? Goodman hp

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Hello Everybody!
First post for me and I'm far from an expert on HVAC systems so bear with me as my issue may be nothing at all. It seems over the last couple of months here that my power consumption has skyrocketed. Im not home a good amount of time due to work (firefighter) so i keep my house a little lower than most only after I seen power bill go up. I had an issue with my startup capacitor back in December, replaced it, and got my system back on track or so I think. Some days my HVAC system works ok, others it doesn't. Last night was a prime example-- it literally ran all night: outside temp 23, thermo set on 64 and it could not keep up. Even today it still seemed to not be able to keep up. Is this normal or is there an underlying issue here?

My house is 832 sq ft and I keep half of its doors shut off, but not the vents. My intake is in the cooler part of the house though-maybe the issue?. I have a Goodman condenser and heat pump and a janitrol thermostat. Any help or reassurance that this is normal would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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At 23 deg F.. I am of the understanding that not enough latent heat for heat pump to produce adequate heat therefore the auxiliary back up (which is likely electric coils), sometimes natural gas, has to kick in to provide adequate heat. This increases the electrical consumption greatly. However, it should go down substantially once temperature gets up tp about 40 deg F. and will be much much lower than other conventional heat sources would normally be.
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