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Is there a longer bath tub drain flange? Lined cast iron tub.

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After my 80 year old cast iron plumbing began to leak I started replacing the over flow and drain assembly with PVC on my first floor bathroom tub. After finally removing the cast iron plumbing I began dry fitting the new PVC parts and discovered that the drain flange and the drain shoe/waste elbow do not meet. I discovered that my cast iron tub was lined with a liner that is relativity thick. A standard (1 1/4") stopper/flange assembly does not work. After running to several hardware stores, plumbing supply stores and a making a few phone calls nobody seems to have an answer. Evidently a longer flange is not common, which I thought it would be since I know that I am not the only homeowner with a lined tub.

I have access to the bottom of the tub and the thickness of the liner/tub is about 3/4" to 7/8" thick. Does anyone have any suggestions? I appreciate your help. Thank you.
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