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I am definitely a novice when it comes to electrical work, and the extend of my electrical experience is pretty...I was able to replace to chandeleirs in my house, and that's it.

I'm getting ready to install a ceiling fan in my childs nursery (will be born in July), and i'm not sure how big this job will be because i don't know if my room is prewired.

I live in Reston, VA, and we bought our townhouse in June...Off the top of my head, i want to say my townhouse is about 15 years old. In the room that i'm working with, i can't really access the ceiling through the attick because the attic has a floor too it, and is not beams. I suppose i could try and pry up boards to get to the rooms ceiling, but that sounds like a complete mess. The ceiling in the room is just a drywall ceiling and there is no indication that there is wiring above the drywall, but there is a switchbox right near the light switch in the room that i have no idea what it is. it's on the same wall and only abotu one foot over at the same height...Is there a chance that this switchbox/plate is for wiring in the ceiling to install a fan or is this more likely a box for a sound system, etc. I have no idea what its for???

The last think i want to do is get into putting holes in my ceiling to run a wire to the outlet in the room that is connected to the light switch, but i might have to. Any suggestions how i should tackle this project???
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