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Is my floor strong enough for 12x12 ceramic

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Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your help. We want to tile our 100 sq ft (or so) kitchen -- it's on the right front half, on the second floor of our 3 story townhouse. The subfloor is 3/4" plywood on open web trusses (24" o.c.) that run side to side across the 20 foot front 2/3 of the townhouse, switching to lengthwise for the back 1/3 of the townhouse. I know that deflection can be an issue at 24" oc -- I'm hoping that I can put Ditra XL down on top of the 3/4" plywood and have enough support for the tile job. Any opinions?
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Thanks everyone.....but you're talking just a bit over my head. I've seen deflection calculators on other sites, but it's for joists, not trusses. Where can I find a way to calculate the "L-factor (?)" for the open web trusses I have and if the number is within the safety range can I go ahead with just putting down the DitraXL; what are dead and live loads; will I find the exterior grade ply at HD or Lowe's?
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