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Is My Brother Scaring Me

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Do I really have to build a temporary support wall if I am installing a 2x3 window in an exterior was in a steel stud framed house? He's got me thinking the place will collapse if I don't.:eek:
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No, you will be fine. But taking advise from the uninformed can be scary.
As long as there isn't unsupported brick over the opening I don;t see any problem. I installed a 5' picture window without using any support in an existing opening

The existing headers are made to carry the weight
A 2' wide window is on the small side
Is My Brother Scaring Me
Isn't the answer to this question always: yes.
So The Sky Isn't Falling

It seemed a little like over kill, but I should remember, this is a fellow who puts in 4 3" nails if 2 1/2 would have done. But, I know he means well. Thanks for the balancing thoughts.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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