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I have a retaining wall below my deck which has started leaking.
My yard is on a slope and the bottom of the wall is about 8 feet below grade.
The was was probably built at the same time as the house which would make it about 40 years old.
The previous owner replaced the deck and put in new timbers about 4 years ago.
I have no idea what was done for drainage.
There is a downspout going into the area.
Is the leak a problem as long as the water is draining and not building up behind the wall?
The water runs along the concrete floor and out to the street.
If it is an issue, is the only solution to dig it all up and put in better drainage?

I've attached some pics which show it from different angles with the leaking area circled.
Top left - View of the leaking area. Please ignore the defunct irrigation system which has since been removed.
Top right - view of the area from farther out.
Bottom left - backside of wall. About 8 feet above the leak.
Bottom right - backyard. Wall follows red line.

Thank you


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Its not ideal. You need to have the DS route away from the wall and there is definitely some potential for re-grading in that area.

If you get a decent freeze and there is moisture in that formation, you run the risk of pushing the wall out with the heave.

Some grading, proper DS routing, and a perimeter drain are in order.
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