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is it possible to take pigment out of paint base?

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I have a gallon of peach color paint I no longer use. Colorant has floated to the top of the white base, and I scooped some out, but the paint still has some peach in it.

is it possible to remove most of the colorant to get the paint back to a whiter color?
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That is not color floating to the top. Tint Base is exactly that. It is paint in itself that is poured into the container at a certain ratio, to get the proper color. If it is Latex, it is the chemical to allow it to dry properly and also to keep the paint from developing mold when it sits in the container. If it is Oil, it is the actual Linseed oil and same as Latex, a Fungicide to keep the paint from spoiling.

You do realize that you can get paint re-tinted. It is just that it cannot be any older than two years.
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15 year old paint is not good. It will end up not drying correct ans also can smell from the bacteria that also forms in stagnant paint.
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