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is it possible to mount screen door on this?

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inspired by the other thread. i've been digging and can't find a definitive answer to whether i can mount a screen door to the jamb. the clearance appears to be too narrow so i figured i'll post pictures. this is an exposed side door that was built by the previous owners on to a sun room. ideally i want a storm door there but i'm not sure if it is even possible without tearing down the entire deck area. mean goals for this project is to better insulate door area and protect main door for water as there are some rusting already. ideas thoughts? thanks.,q6kL6,PHi9h#1,q6kL6,PHi9h#0,q6kL6,PHi9h#2
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It is a standard Brick mold frame. Only problem would be to cut away part of the ledge on the left side.
the storm door if installed will open from the opposite direction as the main door so i'm not too concerned about the ledge. so will the storm door hang out a bit further from the door jamb then? I'm having a hard time visualizing how it can be secured to the frame. additionally is it worth while to install something to shield the door from all the water? here's the picture of the entry way.
The frame of the storm door mounts to the brick mould itself. It doesn’t matter which way you want the door to swing that rail is in the way so you’ll have to notch it or the frame. You need about an inch clear from the inside edge of the brick mould.

Not sure what you mean by shielding the storm door from the water.
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