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I have a kitchen cabinet door that has some burnt/scorch marks on the door.
I attempted to sand the burnt area away so i can clean up the door and repaint it.
I didnt realize how bad it was untill i started sanding it.

I had to sand about 1/4"-1/2" of material off the edge of the door away that was charred and it now looks like someone got hungry and ate a bit of it.

I attempted to put some wood filler in the area that was sanded away and plan to sand the filler and shape it back into place however, should this idea fail i was thinking of just cutting away the bad section and add a new piece in place but realized how in the world would i secure it to the original door and not look like ****.

so my question is this:
the damaged area is approx 1/2" wd x 2" lg
If i cut the area to... say 1" wd x 2 1/2" lg and put a new piece of wood in its place is there a nice way to secure it to the existing door and make it look seamless without it looking like ****?
I have the time waste on fixing this door but my funds are short to allow me to buy a new door.

I would appreciate any help
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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