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Is it legal to double lug a fused cut off switch?

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If I wanted to add a sub panel, would it be legal to just feed it off the fused cut off switch that feeds the main panel? I'm guessing no, but just checking. I may be digging my foundation and while I'm there I will run the conduit for my garage sub panel and run the appropriate wiring. Physically it will be easier to feed off the cut off switch, because of where I'd run the conduit, but if it's not legal then I will need to run it a slightly different way. The fuse is rated at 100 amps which is the service I have.
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when you say that you cant get another wire/pipe out of the panel, I find this hard to believe as we have a lot of tricks to do so. But I know your no spring chicken, but would you like to post a pic and we'll see if some obscure method wont help you?
2 things

1 ur right about the 360* but if u install a jbox u get another 360*

2 dont use a dremel tool use a hole saw, tho if u r made of money they make tools to do just that that make it a snap.
#2cu is good for 100a-unless going pretty far

You can downsize your neutral-but i like not doing so -however I do down size my ground-#8cu

as for drilling the panel drill from the outside- wedge a piece of plywood between incoming drill and wires just to make sure you dont nick anything.

no need for crimping -just like smaller work just bigger
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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