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Is it legal to double lug a fused cut off switch?

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If I wanted to add a sub panel, would it be legal to just feed it off the fused cut off switch that feeds the main panel? I'm guessing no, but just checking. I may be digging my foundation and while I'm there I will run the conduit for my garage sub panel and run the appropriate wiring. Physically it will be easier to feed off the cut off switch, because of where I'd run the conduit, but if it's not legal then I will need to run it a slightly different way. The fuse is rated at 100 amps which is the service I have.
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The garage is attached but I'd actually be doing the run outside. So from inside (either the panel, or the cut off) to outside, then into the garage. The cut off is indoors. Basically, the panel has no room to add a conduit to it because one side is occupied by the cut off itself (side by side) and the other side is all taken by wires, and so is the top. I have not checked the cut off to see if it's physically possible to even add two wires so I'll have to check that as well.
This is an older pic but not much has changed other then that square box being gone. and that BX being fed from the top.

The bottom part of that panel is the access for the main lugs, and the side is full with wires. I do want to install a bigger panel, so am I better off just waiting and doing that then feeding it properly? The gas line also enters just above so the meter is there, which would be in the way, so it's easier if I run the conduit past the meter and to the other side. But that's minor details, I can try to figure a way to compromise so I can get the conduit to the right side of the panel. I know I can't turn more then 360* total so I have to keep that in mind.

Come to think of it, that doorbell transformer can go, though the hole is only like 1/2. I'm guessing I will need 1 inch conduit for a 100 amp service. Could I actually use my dremel to make the hole bigger? This would make the edges very sharp though, but guess the conduit itself would be entering so is it really an issue? I never connected a conduit to a panel before but I'm guessing it's a fitting I'd find at HD where the conduit stuff is?
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Was thinking hole saw too, but would be awkward to get one in that angle. Want to be cutting from the inside and not the outside right? But if it's an approved method, I might do that. Good to know about being able to use a jbox to get another 360 as well. With these two things, that will make it possible for me to just feed off the panel instead. Any rules about how close a run can be to a gas line? I will be dangerously close but I just have to be careful while drilling. Once it's there it's there, no danger. I figure I might enter a foot or so away from the gas line. I'll use a LB to go down then turn a 90 into the panel. LBs need to be accessible like junction boxes right?
Cool I'm on the right path then, I will not double lug as I previously was thinking, but I'll just make a bigger hole in the panel and do it the right way. #2 copper for 100 amps is good? I know ground can be smaller but I suppose it does not hurt to oversize. I'll go to a local distributor for the wiring, probably cheaper then HD. I've never dealt with main feeders before, do I need to actually crimp lugs on the wires or does it insert like smaller breakers?
Cool, think I'm set, I'll bookmark this for when I actually do this project,but it will probably be this summer.

So two #2 blacks, one #2 white and one #8 bare. I'll stick to keeping same size neutral as well, easier that way. And no ground rod at the panel.
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